Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hey, I'm as green as the next guy but does anyone use these goofy light bulbs? I have one in a table lamp and the light it gives off is CRAP! I don't like them at all and I don't care how long they last. They will not be staying in my house. When I need light, I need light! I'm just sayin!

Happy Tuesday!
- Jennifer

Monday, March 30, 2009

Age Appropriate?

What age do you think is appropriate for a child to have a cell phone?
I realize it's a convenience thing for parents but really, at what age does responsibility begin?
I know plenty of young children that are always getting in trouble with their phones and the parents have to monitor their every call. So what's the point if you have to monitor everything? Are you being nosey, controlling or did you just give a child a device that they are not ready for? Sounds like poor parenting to me if you have to do all of that? What's your take on the subject?
~ Jennifer

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Thought It Was Funny

Yep........Jennifer's on vacation with Larry and kiddo's. Hope they're having a fabulous time! Anybody besides me watching Idol? I LOVE that show. I've been voting for Matt (crap! they just announced he's in the bottom 3 -- HOW CAN THAT BE!!!). What a voice! And I love the Ford commercials and I love watching Simon and what's his name....uh..... what is his name??? I HATE it when that happens...........RYAN SEACREST!!! That's it......anyway.....I love watching Simon and Ryan take jabs at each other. Simon drew a mustache on Paula with a black crayon last night.........ahahahaha.

Somebody sent this email to me this morning and I'm sorry, but I just about died laughing. Don't ya just love fruity humor?

We have a new blogger amongst us tonight. Officer Princess has joined the ranks of blogville. You can check her out (not literally!!!!) at http://blondiefiveoh.blogspot.com. She has accused Jennifer and I of drug abuse or maybe not enough drug abuse........WHATEVER......kids!!! Please make her feel at home. She's a very funny girl.



Monday, March 23, 2009

Going In For A Water Logged Week!

While all of you are working this week, we will be spending the week in the Wisconsin Dells. I believe it's the waterpark capital of the world. If it isn't, it should be!

The Hurricane
*** This just in...The Dells' tallest and most exciting indoor thrill ride will now get your heart racing even more! We have added fog machines, lightning and turbulent vibrations to make riders feel like they are riding the waves of a category five HURRICANE! ***
Experience the Hurricane in our Klondike Kavern (YES, ALL YEAR LONG!)
A scream-tastic waterslide that is sure to give riders a hair-raising experience! TWIST and TURN on the New Frontier's newest addition, as the Dells' TALLEST family raft ride!
Up to four guests plummet 58 ft down a thrilling, dark tunnel ride before dropping into a funnel where they experience several hair-raising oscillations and then splash into a pool below.
We Double Dare You!
Have a super week and be nice to Sandi!
~ Jennifer

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Vernal Equinox!

For those scientist, here is a diagram explaining the vernal equinox!

For all of us other normal people! (I like this photo/explanation better)
Happy SPRING!!!!

Yeah, It's Phryday's Photo Fiesta over at Candid Carrie's Go say hi to Carrie (my Wisconsin neighbor) and take a look at all of her blogger's crazy fun foto's!!
AND BEST OF ALL.......Happy Friday!!
~ Jennifer

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now Why Doesn't This Happen To Me?

Please tell me, why can't this happen to me when I come out my front door?
Some people have ALL THE LUCK!!
Happy Friday Eve!
~ Jennifer

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dust 'em off!

It's that time of year! Time for golf.
Well it may be a tad early yet here in
Minnesota but we will be putting this weekend. We are playing
Bar Putt Putt on Saturday. Never heard of it until 2 weeks ago.
Sign me up if it involves any form of golf and beer!
I guess there are seven bars that are participating. We go on a bus to each bar and putt for dollars! I'M SO THERE!! I'll let you know on Monday how we did!
Happy Hump Day!
~ Jennifer

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!
I'm Swedish-Indian and Sandi's Norwegian.
We will do our best to help you Irish celebrate your day
by drinking as much green beer as we can!
Hey, we are here to help!

Happy Tuesday!
- Jennifer and Sandi

Monday, March 16, 2009

Name that Iceberg!

This weekend we drove to Duluth, MN.
Just north of Duluth is an area referred to as the "North Shore". It's about 10-15 miles out of town. On the way we noticed people were walking out on these icebergs that were along the shore. We had to get out and participate. See behind me? That's the OPEN water of Lake Superior. These icebergs were brillant blue!! It was beautiful, scarey and adventureous all at the same time!
Happy Monday!
~ Jennifer

Friday, March 13, 2009


Okay, I thought it was funny!

Happy Friday and have a super weekend!

Yeah, It's Phryday's Photo Fiesta over at Candid Carrie's Go say hi to Carrie (my Wisconsin neighbor) and take a look at all of her blogger's crazy fun foto's!!

~ Jennifer

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Day Is It?

I woke up this morning and couldn't remember what day it was. I had to really lay there and think about what I did yesterday and what did I have to get done today. I thought it was Friday and here it's not. Crap!
Does that ever happen to you?
Happy Friday Eve!
~ Jennifer

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Latest Trend in Men's Undergarments!

The new trend in men wearing spandex undergarments
to achieve a smoother, slimmer effect — basically, a man-girdle.
So no more going to the gym and you can resume drinking beer!

Happy Hot Trends Tuesday!
- Jennifer

Monday, March 9, 2009

Why So Complicated??

We were taken against our will to the casino this past weekend. Well not really against our will. It's that we were passengers in the truck that wanted to go there. So we said what the heck, we'll go too. We get there and I said "let's go find the seven machines because I use to like playing that one." We find one but a lady was playing it. I asked her if she knew where the other "Seven" machines are. She told me there was only one other and someone was playing it. Off we go to find another machine to play.
Here's the easy machine I use to like to play.
Easy to follow along right? Match up the row to win, bars and sevens.
Here's a photo of the machines now days
Tell me....why so COMPLICATED???
We put in a $20 bill. Couldn't figure out what in the hell was matching to win.
We watched the credits go up and down for about 4 minutes.
We were up $14.00
$34.00 credits read on the machine.
We cashed out! Took our winnings and went to the bar to wait until the rest of the gang was finished playing for the evening.
We won't be going back any time soon!

Happy Monday!
- Jennifer

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm so there!

I'm so there!
I'd fly to London in July in a heart beat if I had a chance to see
Michael Jackson's final tour. Wouldn't you?
Okay, so my age is showing.
I think it would be awesome to see him.
What would really make my life semi complete would be:
Michael Jackson as the front entertainer
Madonna - Headliner!
FYI: (She won't come back to Minnesota for some reason)
Hey a girl can dream can't she?

Yeah, It's Phryday's Photo Fiesta over at Candid Carrie's Go say hi to Carrie (my Wisconsin neighbor) and take a look at all of her blogger's crazy fun foto's!!

Happy Friday!

~ Jennifer

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well It's Finally Happened To Me

Notice anything wrong with this picture??

Yes, it's sad. I got to my office this morning and noticed
I have two FRICKIN different shoes on?
Now I have one beater shoe and one nice shoe on.
I swear!
And Stop Laughing!
Happy I'm A Moron Wednesday!
~ Jennifer

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Excuse Me????

Have you heard about this? Seems these POOR POOR folks that receive homes built by Ty Pennington and his wonder cast (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) can borrow against their new house. These particular idiots also received $200,000 from the show. Maybe they should have put the $200,000 down towards their $450,000 mortgage instead of blowing the money.

Here's the story:

The couple who got a television show-sponsored extreme makeover of their Clayton County home in 2005 is again facing foreclosure on the massive abode.
According to a notice of foreclosure filed last month, the 5,300-square foot home built for Milton and Patricia Harper and their three sons is to be auctioned to the highest bidder Tuesday on the steps of the Clayton courthouse.

Patricia Harper, 44, did not want to talk about the pending sale Monday afternoon.
“Please leave the property,” she said when asked about the auction of her home on Ahyoka Drive in the town of Lake City.

The notice of sale alleges the couple defaulted on a $450,000 mortgage. The television show, “Extreme Makeover” built the house because the family was having septic tank problems.
After receiving the home and $200,000 from the show, the couple borrowed $450,000 with the home as collateral. The couple said last year the money was to start a business that failed.
Foreclosure was scheduled last August but at the last minute the sale was canceled. At that time, JP Morgan Chase bank said it was put on hold so the family could work out a payment deal.

Court records show the couple has struggled several years with finances. In January, a State Court judge ordered Milton Harper, 46, pay Southern Regional Medical Center $10,000 in health care charges and interest after the Riverdale hospital sued for the amount.
In Harper’s October answer to the hospital’s complaint, he said he was unemployed but did not follow advice to get indigent services agencies to help with the bill “due to my pride.” He mentioned his house had recently been in foreclosure and other creditors were seeking legal action against him.

Makes me sick because there are people that actually need a house that Ty builds!
Have a Super Tuesday!
~ Jennifer