Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Excuse Me????

Have you heard about this? Seems these POOR POOR folks that receive homes built by Ty Pennington and his wonder cast (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) can borrow against their new house. These particular idiots also received $200,000 from the show. Maybe they should have put the $200,000 down towards their $450,000 mortgage instead of blowing the money.

Here's the story:

The couple who got a television show-sponsored extreme makeover of their Clayton County home in 2005 is again facing foreclosure on the massive abode.
According to a notice of foreclosure filed last month, the 5,300-square foot home built for Milton and Patricia Harper and their three sons is to be auctioned to the highest bidder Tuesday on the steps of the Clayton courthouse.

Patricia Harper, 44, did not want to talk about the pending sale Monday afternoon.
“Please leave the property,” she said when asked about the auction of her home on Ahyoka Drive in the town of Lake City.

The notice of sale alleges the couple defaulted on a $450,000 mortgage. The television show, “Extreme Makeover” built the house because the family was having septic tank problems.
After receiving the home and $200,000 from the show, the couple borrowed $450,000 with the home as collateral. The couple said last year the money was to start a business that failed.
Foreclosure was scheduled last August but at the last minute the sale was canceled. At that time, JP Morgan Chase bank said it was put on hold so the family could work out a payment deal.

Court records show the couple has struggled several years with finances. In January, a State Court judge ordered Milton Harper, 46, pay Southern Regional Medical Center $10,000 in health care charges and interest after the Riverdale hospital sued for the amount.
In Harper’s October answer to the hospital’s complaint, he said he was unemployed but did not follow advice to get indigent services agencies to help with the bill “due to my pride.” He mentioned his house had recently been in foreclosure and other creditors were seeking legal action against him.

Makes me sick because there are people that actually need a house that Ty builds!
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~ Jennifer


Cowguy said...


Gwen said...

I've always wondered how the people who receive those houses afford them after Ty leaves. I mean, most of them were living in shanties before he arrived, how can they afford the upkeep and utilities for the monstrosities he builds?

Even assuming they had put the $200K towards the mortgage, how could they afford the payments on the remaining $250K?

Scrappy Doo said...

OMG!!!!! I agree ther are people in real need. It's called makeover falsely. When it first started the made over the existing house now it should be called -Demolition and were gonna build you a house that you can't afford the utility bills on! Some people you just can't help. Kinda like AIG good money after bad

Mnmom said...

I've always wondered why Ty can't just give them an affordable abode. With solar power etc. How in the world are those folks supposed to pay the property taxes & utilities on those castles? And if you through in some health problems, VOILA! instant poverty.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely freakin ...stupid! ...some people!

Mama Dawg said...

Those people are ridiculous.

Sass said...

You said Ty Pennington.

And now I have drool on my keyboard.

He could come remodel my house anytime...if you know what I'm sayin'...a lil' somethin' somethin'...

Sorry. Where were we?


Keeper Of All Things said...

These people should be neutered...

They are obliviously to stupid to have children.

Excuse me......I meant
Anymore children.

Susie said...

It is this type of person who give charity a bad name! He didn't want to get indigent services agencies because of his pride? How about the pride in protecting the good faith that they were given in the first place. Pathetic!