Monday, March 9, 2009

Why So Complicated??

We were taken against our will to the casino this past weekend. Well not really against our will. It's that we were passengers in the truck that wanted to go there. So we said what the heck, we'll go too. We get there and I said "let's go find the seven machines because I use to like playing that one." We find one but a lady was playing it. I asked her if she knew where the other "Seven" machines are. She told me there was only one other and someone was playing it. Off we go to find another machine to play.
Here's the easy machine I use to like to play.
Easy to follow along right? Match up the row to win, bars and sevens.
Here's a photo of the machines now days
Tell me....why so COMPLICATED???
We put in a $20 bill. Couldn't figure out what in the hell was matching to win.
We watched the credits go up and down for about 4 minutes.
We were up $14.00
$34.00 credits read on the machine.
We cashed out! Took our winnings and went to the bar to wait until the rest of the gang was finished playing for the evening.
We won't be going back any time soon!

Happy Monday!
- Jennifer


Susie said...

I is overly over the top isn't it?

Slyde said...

they certainly DO make them more complicated now.. ive seen ones that are basically playing a version of monopoly and the wheel of fortune, while you play. weird...

Michelle said...


Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

OY VEY!!! Michelle got me started

Cowguy said...

There's too much crap rolling around behind the glass but then I'm usually 9/10ths buzzed and just wanna watch the pretty lights flash.

oh and OY VEY!!!