Thursday, June 26, 2008

Iowa Speedway - Iowa Corn Indy 250 Race

Here's a picture of Larry and I at a Indy race in Iowa last weekend. We were WAY WAY up in the stands. Awesome seats!! We were close to the track at the Indianapolis 500 so we changed stratagies and moved up to higher seats for this race. We are going back down low close to the track for the NASCAR race in Chicago July 12th. Stay tuned for more photo's of that night race. Should be cool!

Danica Patrick's Indy Race Car! (Yep....chick driver)

Have a super day!! - - - Jennifer

Monday, June 23, 2008


I was watching Oprah this afternoon and just happened to look out the window in the back door and saw this yearling in our backyard. She's standing at the back of our property. It's very dry here as we haven't had any rain in a while and I worry about these guys (ahem....young ladies).

What's cool, is she knows I was there, and occasionally she looked up at me and would then go back to eating dust. She's actually standing beneath a pear tree we have. It doesn't have much fruit on it this year, but the deer just love it. I need to go check and see if they've eaten any of it

After awhile she sauntered over to a horse trough we have (minus the horse) and started drinking out of it. I made mental note to clean it out and fill it with fresh water. My lab uses this trough to dunk his frisbee and then go diving for it.

I love deer and I love watching them. They're good to eat too..........OOPS! Sorry if I offended anyone.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some geranium's and planted them in my front flower bed in between some yellow mums. It was sooooo pretty, the red and yellow together. One day I went outside and my husband wanted to know why the red flowers had disappeared so fast. My head snapped over to look at the geraniums and sure nuff........the pretty red flowers were gone. Not only were the flowers gone, but most of the entire plant was missing. It was then that I remembered the geraniums were popular to decorate cakes and salads with and that if we eat them, deer eat them...........grrrrrrrrr......

Here's a photo of her peeking over the bench at me. Geranium eating monster that she is. She knows what she did. That very night we went out to dinner and when we drove into our driveway, I noticed 3 or 4 of the suckers in our next door neighbor's yard. One had bedded down under our mesquite tree. "OH HOW CUTE" I said. Unaware that the little devil's were just waiting for us to go into the house and shut off the lights so they could wreak carnage on my beloved geraniums........

I think she heard me cussing her cause she started to sneak off on tippy toes. She knows what she did.

When does hunting season start?

Thunderstorm Winds

I was reading this Meterologists blog today and he posted the following:
I found it hysterical!!!

Winds don't like to be alone.It's true! I mean, occasionally you'll get winds without rain, lightning, tornadoes, etc. However, they're pretty insecure and not usually independent. Kinda clingy. I spoke with a tornado about this once. The look on his face said it all...

But seriously, here are some real facts about straight-line heavy winds...

1. They are the most damaging part of severe thunderstorms.
2. They can exceed 100 mph.
3. One of the worst types of heavy winds is called a downburst/microburst, which is a strong burst of wind downward from a thunderstorm. These can cause damage similar to a tornado (see above...winds are such wannabes).

Some things that you can do to avoid trouble during heavy winds include...
1. Not going outside....duh.
2. Gaining weight.It's harder to move 300 lbs. than it is 130 lbs. Trust me on this. I could go into the physics of it, but it's not pretty.

3. Wear bike helmets.

This will conclude this short lecture series on Surviving Severe Weather. I hope these tips have been helpful to all of you and that you will pass them on to your children for use in the future. Of course, there are all other sorts of severe weather (hail, blizzards, ex-mother-in-laws). Each of those scenarios can be expounded upon for the low price of $19.95. Or a comment, whichever you can least afford!
Source: The Weather Moose (


I just returned from filling up my car at the gas station.
When I finished the pump read $36.01...... Case in point!
Another penny lost out of my pocket. Crap!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Dislike The Penny @ The Pump!

Have you ever noticed when you go fill up at the gas station you RARELY are
able to round off to the nearest dollar??? It ALWAYS ends up being $35.01 ( hey
what can I say I drive a Taurus) or $50.01, $60.01. The darn gas stations are
making a penny off of millions of people per day. Ticks me off.
I try every time when I gas up, it's now my new goal in life to round off
and stop giving the gas stations my penny. So get out there people........
I'm not kidding, try it the next time you fill up!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nice Pan

Nice Pan there woman!