Thursday, September 11, 2008

I should have named her...........

Most of you probably don't know that I own an English Cocker Spaniel. Her name is "Luna" Here is a picture of her just days after her eyes opened. She was born Oct 23, 2007. Isn't she cute?

Here is a picture of her the day I brought her home. Dec 7th, 2007. Isn't she cute?

Here is Luna today. She'll be 11 months on the 23rd. I should have named her no, don't, give that back to me, down, stop, get back here, get down or come here. She is an ACTIVE little girl and recently has discovered how FUN it is to jump and walk along the back of the couch. What is even MORE fun is dropping shit BEHIND the couch. To her, it's the best activity a dog can participate in. To her owner, it's annoying, I can't take it and she does it ALL NIGHT LONG. I can see the paint job on my wall is going to be destroyed unless I get a handle on this. I need her to become interested in doing something else and FAST. Any suggestions?

So here's a little piece of what I go through. This whole event takes about 1 minute and then she starts the whole cycle all over again. I've thought about not letting her have her toys but that's not very nice. Why can't she just lay on the floor and play with her toys like NORMAL dogs?
Here's what I end up saying ALL NIGHT LONG......

I usually don't YELL say's more like FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SHIT, GOD-DA%$#@ it LUNA , DO NOT F'N DROP THAT BABY .. NO....................!!

So there you have it. The joys of owning a puppy. Don't get me wrong. I love her to death and she's the sweetest girl in the world. BUT I NEED GUIDANCE on new puppy activities.

Everyone read Sandi's post today. Hurricane Ike is headed right for her. She will be in my prayers!! AND SEND WATER WINGS!!!!

Happy Thursday!
- Jennifer


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

LOL... so I read that wrong and thought she was taking a CRAP off the back of the couch... LOL...

I'd say treat her like a kid - ignore her.

Philly said...

From the day my couch was delievered, about 4 years ago, my Rosie planted her ass on the back of the couch. No matter how many times we removed her, up she went. It is her spot now. We.gave. up.
Unfortunetly, there is a dent where she lays,,,LOL