Thursday, September 11, 2008


OMG!!! I just listened to the weather and Ike seems to be drifting closer to Galveston and is expected to be a Cat 3 or 4 storm. We live about 40-50 miles NW of Houston which means on its current track, we'll be on the *dirty side* and we'll get winds from 60-110 mph and anywhere from 6-20" of rain. We're about 100 miles NW from where it's expected to make landfall. I'll take pictures.... provided I'm able to open my back door in 100 mph winds.

This really is irritating....very irritating and scarier than crap (aka.. shit). And it's not the least bit funny, dammit. What really sucks is I have to go to work tomorrow.

I'm going to go suck my thumb now.......



Jennifer and Sandi said...

We....Us....I will be watching the storm. Report back to us safely!!! HANG IN THERE WOMAN!!

- Jennifer

Philly said...

Go buy some beer !!


Jennifer and Sandi said...

GREAT Idea!! Yeah Sandi...go buy some beer, lock the doors, block the bottoms of the doors with towels, kick back and take photos!

- Jennifer