Thursday, September 11, 2008


HURRICANE UPDATE - 3:30 pm: 9/11/08
PRINCESS!!! YOU'RE GROUNDED!!!! No cussing dammit! I'm gonna tell your sarge and he's gonna kick your ass for me!!!
I Love You!!!
*****HURRICANE IKE UPDATE 1:30pm *******

Officer Princess (Sandi's daughter is a Houston Police Officer) Reports:

Officer Princess says:
Yeah her and Bud were at the grocery store last I heard. They are far enough inland to not evacuate. Only part of Harris County is getting evacuated. The City of Houston is not under a mandatory evacuation yet.

Officer Princess says:
I think I'm going to do a photo journal of my preparations for this stupid ass hurricane. I have to work the day the storm hits.

Jennifer says:
*Gasp* you swore!! I'm telling your mother!

Click Here > > > My Man Jim Cantore Live in Galveston Talking about IKE arriving in Houston

- Jennifer

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