Sunday, March 2, 2008

KQ's Arctic Plunge on Long Lake, Isanti MN

Well I attended this event yesterday on my girlfriend's lake. Was handy because we didn't have far to go with the snowmobiles. We watched the idiots jump in the lake and you know, none of them even seemed the slightlest bit cold when they got out? Maybe it was just me that was cold? Was a beautiful day until around 4:00pm started to get COLD AS HECK!!!!

Diane and I getting the sleds off their trailer.

Cutting of the Ice

Brave Souls Preparing to Jump In . In the background, can you see
how thick those ice blocks are that they removed??

The Tooth Fairy made it out alive thank goodness!
We need the Tooth Fairy around!! Very Important Person!

Diane's son Ashton was a tad bored with the whole thing! Keeping warm
under my feet. Yes, that's a little boy down in there.

This is Diane. We have been friends for over 30 years!

Di & I. One of those self-portraits where ya hold your own camera out there
with your arm extended and hope for the best?

We attempt it again! I love black n white photos!

Ashton took this one of us. Good job buddy! Just enjoying a Bloody Mary at the resort!

The end of a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank's Diane.

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