Monday, March 3, 2008

A Boy Named Sioux

Yep, that's right -- his name is Sioux and he is my 19 month old kitty (aka nitty). My husband named him and I named his sister, Sioux-Z. Pretty clever, eh? Sioux and Sioux-Z are full brother and sister as well as litter mates. They are indoor/outdoor models, but if I know the weather is going to be bad (like today, for instance), they're indoor nitties. Sioux is a big boy and weighs in at a full 16 pounds, and in the other corner, his sister, weighs in at a full 8 pounds. BIG difference. Amazing isn't it? Amazingly enough though, she is the hunter and he is the lazy fat cat. But he's a very cool lazy fat cat. You can pick Sioux up by grabbing him just in front of his hind legs and hoist him upside down and then swing him through the air, or you can use him as a dust mop, wiping the floor with him (this doesn't work very well on carpeted floors, though -- tends to leave rug burns and I don't do things to my nitties that I don't think they enjoy too).

I had to open the windows in the house this weekend because the air conditioning units pooped out on us. Plus, after the 3 minutes of winter we had here in Texas, it was nice to air out the place. Sioux perched himself in our bedroom window after hearing the insistent chirping of a bird who apparently was also happy that the 3 minutes of winter was over. Here is a picture of Sioux gazing out our bedroom window looking for said bird (that blue thing you see is a goat cart -- FOR REAL!!!). What you can't see is him drooling.....

After awhile he lost interest and went back to being his normal self (lazy fat cat).

Sioux Rocks!!!

We're expecting some severe weather in an hour or so and I thought it might be fun to take pictures of the weather in action. So.................check back later.


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