Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Marley The Lot Dog!

Here is a picture of "Marley". He is our ferocious "lot" dog. Did I mention that I'm the accountant for a huge gigantic tow truck firm here in Minnesota? (Don't they say that on game shows?) They've been in business 38 yrs, so they are doing something right. Marley's soul purpose in life is to guard our impound lot?? Keep all the "perp's" out, keep everyone on their best behavior. Well, as you can see the big bad ass that he is, is SLEEPING in my office at 1:30pm. This is Marley's normal position or he's sleeping next to me at my desk or next to the owner's wife Judie's desk. We have to "step-over" him numerous times during the day.
That night shift of watching the lot must really knock him out? - Kisses Marley !!! We All Love You !!...... Jennifer

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