Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Happy Customer????

I come home tonight after work and see the Bobcat Dude's Skid Steer sitting on the street next to me. I realize 2" of snow is falling and he must have moved closer to my place for my snow removal?? Lucky me?? Or, he lives over at the "Party Boy's house? Have I found his residence? Maybe? I call my neighbor's "The Party Boy's House" because I get up at odd hours during the night letting my 4 month old puppy out to go potty and all the lights are always on there and 8+ cars/trucks are always parked there and I see ppl coming and going at that hour. Maybe, they all work third shift, who am I to judge?? The only time I've talked to one of the guys there is when my best girlfriend's two German Shepards ran away and I was handing out business type cards with my cell phone number on it so if they spotted said Shepard's they could call me. Deb and Bill finally found their dogs miles away. For another story. Any who!! I notice Bobcat Dude
has his equipment close to me for morning snow removel YEAH!! Get's better! Read On!
At the same time I see one of our tow trucks sitting on the "Party Boy's street. Remember I work for a major, large, gigantic tow truck firm here in Minneapolis and I happened to secure the towing contract for our Townhouse Community. We are not allowed to park overnight on our street's or you will get towed. So, here is Ken parked in front of a truck (one of the party boy's truck's or friend of the household) and has been instructed to tow the vehicle. I saw said vehicle parked there last night?? Who am I to police the parking? I have a puppy to tend to and don't give a rat's ass about parking issues in my community because me and my boyfriend when he's over (I'll refer to him as my "Blue Knight" for now, yet another story) park in my garage so therefore I don't have overnight parking issues on the street. That's our driver Ken. Everyone say Hi to Ken!

Perp's vehicle going up on the flatbed and yes it's legal!!!
As I vision my day tomorrow invoicing my homeowner's association
for said tow. Hey, keep's me employed!!

We will finish off my day with a picture of Marley. Another stressful day for the big boy watching the lot!
Night Marley! We love you!

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