Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hurricane Jimena

Hurricane Jimena is ready to hit Cabo San Lucas and cross the Baja today and tomorrow. Thank god I don't live down there anymore. I went through Hurricane Marty in 2003. I had a 40 acre horse ranch and 14 horses on the property when it hit. It sucked! Mulege was destroyed and it hit 1 week before we were moving back to the States. Our moving semi was delayed 2 week because it couldn't drive down the Baja because the roads were gone.

I don't like storms one bit. I've been through too many dangerous ones. Here's a post I did back on July 21, 2008.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of my friends that I know down in the Baja.
Sammy....get to the airport and STAT.

- Jennifer


I think storms are following me. Let's recap shall we???
No wonder I'm deathly afraid of storms.

This past Saturday July 19, 2008 Big Lake, MN
I took this photo at 2:17pm when the 1st siren went off.
Touch down reported at 2:25pm 1 mile from Larry's place here
Thank GOD for Larry's basement!!

Cat 2 Tornado - Rogers MN 9-17-06. Tornado started on top
of my house and moved through the neighborhood.

Cat 2 - Hurricane Marty, Mulege Mexico BCS 9-22-03
This hurricane hit town when I lived in Mexico
Couldn't get into town for 3 days

5 FEET of water in houses. That's mud on the tile floor, not carpet.

Locals having to wash their clothes in the river.

And this my friends started it all for me!!! The mother load of all Hurricanes.
I lived in Fort Myers at the time
Cat 5 - Hurricane Andrew 8-24-92
Started at Homestead, Florida

Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together!!


Susie said...

I hate storms too!! I don't have your record but...they are still scary.

Two Blessings From Above said...

We seem to always live near bad storms too from Calif. to Florida and now Minnesota. That is what my husband does for a living- insurance repair so he stays busy. Be safe!

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