Thursday, May 21, 2009

What the ????

I'm driving into my community last night and I come up on 8 Sheriff vehicles and 6 local cop cars surrounding one of the streets. That's a picture from my cell phone of half the cops. The other vehicles were up past the yellow townhouse.

I was SHOCKED because I was wondering what they were doing there. Was it some type of drill? Some sort of training exercise? Were they stopping a speeder? Nope. I had to drive past them because I live 2 streets down. As I drive past the street I see all of the officers with their guns and shot guns drawn pointing to a house across the street from them.

This is kind of what it looked like!

Holy SHIT I said to myself and hurried home to barricade myself in. Kidding about the barricade. Heck, I grab Luna and we walk up to check it out a little closer. We stood and watched with a few of the other curious neighbors. Finally I was bored and went home. Never did find out what in the heck it was all about. Maybe I should call the local PD. This was not normal for such a nice community in which I live.

Anything cool happen to you yesterday?

Happy Friday Eve!!

- Jennifer


Heff said...

HOLY CLIFF-HANGER !! Find out what happened !!!

Two Blessings From Above said...

Scary! Now I want to know what happened.

Susie said...

Nothing cool like that!