Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Don't Pay My Bills

I receive a phone call last night from Verizon. The gal on the other end is giggling as she asks:

Verizon Employee: Is this Jennifer?
Me: Yes, this is Jennifer

Verizon Employee: The reason for my phone call is to inform you that your cell phone bill is past due.
Me: It is? I know I paid it in a timely manner (I do all my bills)

Verizon Employee: Well actually, your account is past due .79 cents
Me: Ummm, your kidding me? Your actually calling accounts that are .79 cents past due?

Verizon Employee: (She's giggling still) Yes ma'am
Me: Well do you want me to go online and pay the .79 cents?

Verizon Employee: No, that's okay. You can add it to your next payment.
Me: Okay, will do!

Verizon Employee: Is there anything else I can do for you this evening?
Me: Ummm, no not really as you called me!

Verizon Employee: Okay, have a good evening!
Me: You too!

As I hung up my cell phone I realized that company has WAY TOO MUCH TIME on their hands!

Happy Wednesday!
- Jennifer


Scrappy Doo said...

at least you could understand her. when I call AT&T I always get someone in Bangladesh.

Dr Zibbs said...

You should have asked if they could put you on a payment plan.

Sass said...

You are seriously a rebel.


Mama Dawg said...

I want her job.

Two Blessings From Above said...

How silly! They could put past due .79 cents on your next statement. I agree WAY TO MUCH TIME on their hands!

Susie said...

I should say! I probably cost that much to call you to tell you that! Companies are so stupid!

giraffegirl524 said...

well, i used to work for a collection company and i would call people, and sometimes, they would only owe a VERY small amount. BUT the reason WE called is because that small amount could cause them to get late fees and they may not have even known they were due for that. so it hurt them if they didn't pay it. even if it was only .79 cents! i know it's crazy.. but the way she talked, it wouldn't hurt you! that's a little dumb

Cowguy said...

LOL I love using up their time.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

My phone got turned off because when i moved and got a new plan, there was a .24 balance on my old account that I never knew about. And they had the nerve to WANT to charge me a reconnect charge... WRONG

Michelle said...

Well at least she was giggling. I am assuming she was giggling at the ridiculousness of the phone call to begin with right???

Crazy ass stuff in this world!!!!

Philly said...

The university where my daughter attends was holding all of her grades etc, due to the fact the the bill for $38,000 was short $38.
WTF? Don't they know that we are prob good for it?
And this is why , once again I drink.


Vodka Mom said...

wait- I NEED to be in this club....