Thursday, February 19, 2009

50 Cents

So if you read my post from yesterday you will know I am past due with Verizon for .79 cents.
I open my mail today and I now owe Citibank .50 cents.
Come on stimulas package recipient Citibank, don't you know that the statement you just mailed to me cost you .42 cents.

I think I'll wait until the due date to pay it.


Have a Super Thursday!
- Jennifer


Michelle said...

Girl what is wrong with you not paying your bills and having all these crazy ass past due bills???

WHAT is happening girlie????


Susie said...

I am sure that the computer just spits these out automatically but, it is still really funny.

Mnmom said...

Now THAT'S funny!!!!!

Dr Zibbs said...


Anonymous said...

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