Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poyz Calming Treats For Dogs

Has anyone heard this commercial yet about Natural "Calming Treats" called POYZ ? It's a pill you can give your dog to calm them down. They have a daily dose or an instant dose.

I have an energetic 11 month old puppy (English Cocker Spaniel) that I would probably love to shove about 12 of these pills down her throat but I have a problem with sedating animals unless medically necessary.

Here are some selling points on the product that I found pretty funny.

Poyz: 1. Why is my dog so anxious? You’re doing a good thing by taking care of a dog who otherwise might not experience the love and comfort you are providing. But you have to remember, most dogs were not bred to be house pets.

Me: Huh????? Aren't ALL DOGS BRED TO BE HOUSE PETS????

Poyz: 2. Is Poyz safe for my dog? Poyz is not a drug. It’s non-narcotic and it’s non-addictive. It’s not a sedative. Poyz is safe and all-natural. It won’t change your dog’s personality or leave him hung-over or overly drowsy.

Me: Okay, so how in the hell does it work?

Poyz: 3. Is it ethical? As a society, we don’t think twice about prescribing our children powerful pharmaceutical drugs to modify behavior so they can better concentrate and focus. Now, we’re not advocating any position one way or the other, but we are pointing out the inconsistency that what is condoned for our children and even ourselves some might regard as unsuitable for our pets!

Me: That's deep. Can we get back to the sedative your selling??

Poyz: 4. How does Poyz work? Let’s face it. It’s not easy being a dog. The days of wandering unfettered in the company of the pack, or hanging out with an ever-present companion on the farm or on the hunt are long since past. No longer are dogs doing what thousands of years of breeding bred them for; no longer are they hunting, guarding, herding or accompanying horses and wagons over miles and miles of open roads and fields…

Me: I don't know about you, but I know hundreds of dogs that do all of those things every day! And now this company is an authority on getting inside a dogs head. "It's not easy being a dog"?????? What, did you interview dogs to find that out??

Poyz: 5. How do I use Poyz? Every dog needs gentle, loving care in a safe, protected environment that is free from stress. With Poyz products you can help even the most nervous, hyperactive dog become more relaxed over time, so he can be a loved—and loving—member of your family.

Me: FREE FROM STRESS???? Stand in line. Have you looked at the news lately? Maybe I'll take these pills.

Poyz: 6. What are the ingredients? The ingredients in Poyz Daily are derived from all-natural sources and have been carefully selected to promote calmness and tranquility in dogs, even under extremely stressful situations. St. John's Wort, Hemp w/Omega, Valerian Root, Chamomilla, Lavender, GABA, and Skullcap.

Me: Um, Hemp? Since when does hemp come with Omega?? Do they have a drug dealer as one of their chemist? Why don't I drive downtown and buy a bag of pot from some unknown street peddler and just burn the stuff in the house like incense? AND WHAT IS SKULLCAP?? Do they sell that at GNC?

Poyz: 7. How has Poyz helped others?
We have a 7 year old Black Lab named Jake who barks and jumps non-stop. Jim M., Salinas CA
I have a weimaraner about 3 years old. - Kerry L., Cambridge, MA
Our Shepard was very aggressive and scaring the neighbors and children. - Lance Norman OK
Our male Collie was constantly chewing and digging. Charles B., New York NY
My 5 month old male Golden Retriever was driving us crazy! - Joan R., Austin TX

Me: Sorry folks, sounds like all of you have normal wonderful dogs!! WHY DON'T YOU GO TAKE A SEDATIVE and let your dog be a dog or put your dog through some sort of obedience training.

Well that's my soapbox today. Maybe the product does work? Who am I to judge. Just sounds like a silly solution. The next time my patience runs a little thin when "Luna" rips around my house like a normal spaniel, I'll think of what she's missing in her diet like Hemp with Omega and Skullcaps!!!

Happy Hemp Hump Day!

- Jennifer


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

That is wrong on SO many levels...

Michelle J said...

Ha, when i started reading this i was amused and thought it wasn't a real product, then i kept reading and realized it is.

I do not have a dog but if i did i would never give this to him/her. I agree totally with you that a dog should be able to be a dog. Why sedate it? Perhaps us humans are the one's needed sedation??

Good post Jennifer!!!

Michelle J said...
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Insane Mama said...

I think it's horribly wrong. Although, I admit to giving my dog a little benadryl on long drives. The vet recommended it

Jennifer and Sandi said...

We're living in a world where if your child or pet is different, there's a drug for it. Calm 'em down, hype 'em up...damn...

HELLO!!! Puppies are active creatures N A T U R A L L Y. And they STAY active for several years. If you don't like active, DON'T BUY A DOG. Get a tortoise. Good grief.

So, with that being said....pack up all your tranks and antidepressants and mail them to me at .....


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