Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Was Lonely.......

My dh is very civic minded and is active in just about anything and everything there is to be active in (severe case of Type A personality). He's a member of the Lion's Club, 3 different masonic lodges, and several different committee's at our church and he manages to work as a whiskey salesman too!!!! I think it's great that he's so active in these wonderful organizations that help others who aren't as fortunate as we are. Me.......on the other hand, is/are/was/am active at work only. I used to be really active at church, but then we moved 500 miles away from where I work and things have gotten a tad bit stressful, plus some changes at work didn't help matters.......anyway.......I digress......Because my hubby is so busy, he's often not home so I'm left to fend for myself and sometimes I get a little lonely. So, I thought to myself...

Self: Remember the movie The Castaway with Tom Hanks....the one where he create
a friend and named him Wilson.....the soccer ball...........hahahah

Self: Yes, I do remember that!!!! And I can do the same............create a friend to be with me
and help me to not be afraid when I'm home alone.

So this is what I did tonight (hubby was off at churchmeeting). I created Thomas and Alexander and they were such a tremendous help and offered such wonderful companionship that I didn't once miss my hubby...................ahahahahaha

Here is a photo of Thomas in the kitchen helping me with the dishes. And he was glad to help.

Alexander helped with the laundry!!!!!

I had a little trouble keeping Alexander out of the booze.

After we got the kitchen cleaned up it was time to watch the news. Thomas was very interested in the humidity here in Hempstead.

In the meantime, I was getting a little concerned about Alexander cause I hadn't seem him for awhile and sure enough, I found him at the bar going through all the bottles. I told him if he didn't leave the booze alone I was gonna get the paper shredder out. Last thing I heard from Alexander was the front door slamming.... stupid damn pumpkin...

Anyway, Thomas decided he wanted to rest up a bit so he climbed up in hubby's recliner to watch some TV.

Thomas is a huge blog fan and loves to read blogs. Here's a picture of him reading The Pioneer Woman's blog and also Sawdust and Cowpies ...... he thinks Jace is the funniest thing he's ever read, plus he really likes Jace's band.

After all that, he decided he was really, really tired so off to bed went............

So you don't have to be by yourself. With a little imagination, you to can have alot of friends to see you through the rough times!!!!



Jennifer and Sandi said...

Do you think Alexander will ever come back???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

- Jennifer

Dr Zibbs said...

He works as a whiskey salesman? I want to hear more about that.

Michelle J said...

Ha, this is great!! I am always looking for a nice friend to keep me company as i read the 1000 blogs i need to keep up with daily!!! Well make that 1001 since i found yours as well!!

Very creative stuff!!

Trooper Thorn said...

I hope Alexander is just going through a rough break-up. Otherwise, you make want to get him to a 12 step meeting near by.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...


Cowguy said...

Sandi..... I'm speechless, and that's pretty damned rare. I AM laughin' my hind end off though. Good Lord girl. lol

Whiskey salesman? Does he need a best friend in Missouri?


Anonymous said...

I love you Sandi Girl.....even if you are ummmmm lonely


sista #2 said...

I wish my husband was a beer salesman. Save me lots of cash.