Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday To Luna and Our Award

Well it's my puppies first birthday today! Yeah, one more year before she can relax and lay down for 30 minutes???

Also, Sandi and I have been awarded a MeMe Award by our friend
Dr. Zibbs
over at That Blue Yak.

We would like to take a few moments at the podium to accept this award, hope that's okay?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my agent in Hollywood *gasp* for making this all possible and most of all to Jennifer, my ex-sister-in-law, whom I love very dearly for making me who I am today....THANKS JENN.


Your very welcome Sandi. I would like to thank the Academy and hope for world peace! This is a proud day. Thanks Doc Zibbs.

Now our requirements per Slave Driver Doc Zibbs.

We have to pass along the award...Darn It.. Didn't have that in our hands very long to five other "winners." and they have to post the meme with their own personal meme answers, link to Sandi and I and pass it on to five other bloggers. Slave Driver

1) Clothes
Jennifer: Love jeans and Cowboy boots. Yes, I own fancy - high dollar clothes but those have dust on them in my closet.

I'm answering for Sandi because she's at a cocktail party, actually I have no idea where Sandi is because I LIVE IN MINNESOTA, She's in TEXAS. It's not like I can hollar down the stairs and say, hey Sandi, what are your favorite clothes? We are ex- sister-laws but I've known the chick for 20+ years so I will speak on her behalf.

Sandi: Love jeans and Cowboy boots

2) Furniture

Jennifer: My favorite piece of furniture is my 52" TV w/surround sound
Sandi: She has really cool antique furniture. Sandi's an antique nut.

3) Sweet

Jennifer: Cheesecake - Key Lime Pie
Sandi: Cheesecake - Key Lime Pie

4) City

Jennifer: I've lived in Florida, California, Mexico, and have traveled to Amsterdam, Paris, Prague. Get your mind out of the gutter with Amsterdam. GREAT CITY. I enjoy artsy cities.

Sandi: Florida, California and where ever else she's been.

5) Drink

Jennifer: Bud Light. Michelada's (Frosted glass rimmed with salt, 1 freshly squeezed Lime and your choice of beer)
Sandi: Wild Turkey.

6) Music
Jennifer: I love it all
Sandi: I love it all

7) TV Series
Jennifer: Greys' Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, Family Guy
Sandi: Greys' Anatomy & Dancing with the Stars


8) Film

Jennifer: Igor
Sandi: She doesn't watch films. She's too busy crafting.

9) Workout

Jennifer: Belong to a club, don't go and I have no idea why
Sandi: Daily

10) Pastries
Jennifer: Anything light and fluffy (once a week)
Sandi: Anything light and fluffy (once a week)

11) Coffee
Jennifer: Keurig Coffee Maker using Caribou's Special Blend
Sandi: She grinds her own beans.

There ya have it. Here are our five bloggers that we pass our award onto:

Saw Dust and Cowpies

Mama Dawg: Two Dogs Running

Weather Moose

Lizzy: Hot Tub Lizzy

Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman (Okay, we cheated, so sue us)

Lydia -
Down The Rabbit Hole

Have a great day!!
- Jennifer


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oohhh - I got an award.... it's a little scarey looking but I'm cool with you.

You two (or one pretending to be two) crack me up.

Sass said...

I will be trying the beer with salt and lime. Like, around 9:30 this morning. ;) said...

Congratulations on the award!!!

Happy Birthday, Luna!


gingela5 said...

Happy birthday to the pup! And congrats on the award! And I think my television is my favorite piece of furniture too!

Dr Zibbs said...

Excellent. And once again I love your dog.

LYDIA said...

You want me to answer this meme?

LYDIA said...

Your not selling anything on eBay. What do you normally sell?

LYDIA said...

**You're** sorry about that...

Jennifer and Sandi said...

@ Lydia:

Sandi and I make jewelry. Photo Charm Bracelets & Soldered Glass Pendants

We slow down in the summer because we solder (it's hot) and we stay too busy with the nice weather outside. I actually have 4 pendants set up now ready to solder. Sandi sells all sorts of crafts she makes. She does a lot of wood, paper, Americana stuff !
If you click that Ebay link, scroll down to the left and click on my name you can see all my feedback and the items people have purchased from me. There should be pictures of the auction.

Stay tuned!!!!

No need to MeMe...we all got hit at once with that one. Thanks Zibbs

- Jennifer

Vodka Mom said...

I love your blog! What a great idea to do one together! I'll be back this weekend to explore! Gotta go do mommy crap.

Jennifer and Sandi said...




Susie said...

Happy Birthday Luna:-)

Cowguy said...

I'm a winner! You're a winner! A whole buncha folks are winners. The best part of this... there are even more losers and we ain't one of 'em!


Thanks girls, I gave you "proper" recognition tonite.


Meaghan said...

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