Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now Where Did Todo Go?


Wow! We actually haven't had so much rain, but the wind has really picked up since 4:00 a.m. I don't know what it was like before that cause I was sleeping! Downtown Houston is a mess. Windows have been blown out and you can see the blinds twisting outside the buildings and debris flying out the windows....(no work Monday?????.......oh darn!).

We have Dish Network and that went out a little while ago but came back up. My computer wigged out so I re-booted and it's okay now (obviously.....hahaha). Think we had a Powah Surge. Knock on wood, were lucky we still have power.

Those that refused to leave Galveston Island were instructed to write their social security numbers on their wrists so they could be identified when this was all over.........YIKES!!!! Dumbasses........

The famous restaurant, Brennan's, in downtown Houston, has burned down to the ground. THAT is upsetting. While I've never been there, it's been a landmark for as long as I can remember and thats A LONGGGGGGGGG time.

The eyewall is downtown now which is Southeast of us. Because of all the tall buildings downtown, there is footage of what looks like tornadoes between the buildings. It's incredible looking. Channel 13's (ABC) station has water coming in their building.

I haven't talked to Officer Princess since about 9:00 last night. Fortunately she was riding with a partner and I'm sure they've been busy. She told me that they were told to go hide when the wind got up to about 50 mph. I don't know what "hide" do you "hide" a big white car???? Hopefully she's back at the station getting some rest. What a brave girl my princess is. We're very proud of her.

It should start getting light in about an hour to an hour and a half and hopefully I can take some pictures to show you.


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Two blessings from above said...

Keeping a eye on the news. Hope all is well for you. I think if someone told me to write my SS# on my wrist I would get the hell out of there! I will be checking back to see the photos. Good luck and stay safe.