Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ninjanadoe-ita (Small tornado trying to form)

I was driving home last night and our local weather babe "Belinda" said she was watching funnel clouds form over Lake Minnetonka. I said to myself, self, you better keep a watchful eye out for storms tonight. So driving up to Larry's house I SLAM on my brakes (It's okay, I was still in my neighborhood) and what do I see? A FUNNEL CLOUD FORMING!!!! Here's the photo's folks. Thank god it never amounted to anything. By the time I hit the freeway, it had gone back up into the clouds. I swear...why does Mother Nature do this to me? I'm so afraid of storms and she keeps shoving them in my face. CRAP!!

Note the billboard: SUICIDE (Maybe the nado was trying to say something?)

Thar she goes back up!! Bye-bye ninjanadoe-ita!!!

- Jennifer


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Totally not the point of your post - but I miss Belinda... and Sven... and Paul... and I REALLY miss Ken Barlow... WHERE did he go?

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I dont know who Ken Barlow is. But I usually watch Fox 9 news and just moved back here 4 years ago!!!

How's the PB and Jelly debate going?

- Jennifer

Cowguy said...

The best part about funnel clouds is all the funnel cakes afterwards.

Yes, it's true!

PS try typing the squiggly mystery word to post a comment when you're dizzy from dieting.

PSS Vickstoothpaste is not the correct mystery word.

PSSS I just figured out it's not a word at all. It's just a bunch of random letters.

PSSSS I almost fainted just then.

PSSSSS "V's" look just like "U's" but don't work as well.

sista #2 said...

OMG I would have shit my pants..right there in the car!