Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Hurricane FOLKS!!!

There is another Hurricane headed for the states people and here I thought they just followed me I wonder why storms are following me???

We need to keep on our toes and watch Jim Cantore over at the Weather Channel. Watch him point at the maps, watch his sexy blue Columbia hood flap in the wind, watch him bend over and pick up his pencil. Oh, forgive me...he is just worth watching!! Sorry about that CHRIS THE WEATHER MOOSE GOD Go check out our favorite weather man - Chris the Weather Moose! He will keep us all posted as well!

This is Jim, not Chris

This is the projected path

Have a SUPER day!!
- Jennifer


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Still can't top Mr. Ken Barlow.

Holy Crappers said...

He isn't bad. I think he needs to shave his whole head. Plus I need to see him bend over.


Jules said...

Well I'm with you there. Yup. Eye candy. *sigh*

Insane Mama said...

See him bend over... HAHAHA
He's OK

Jennifer and Sandi said...

crap.......not AGAIN!!!! Their following me dammit!