Friday, July 18, 2008

We Won an Award, We Won an Award!!!!!

Sandi and I just found out we won a blog award today!! As we stand here before you, blotting the the tears of mascara from our face are SO HAPPY about our award. We would like to thank Chris over at

Sandi would like to take this opportunity to thank her agent in Hollywood *gasp* for making this all possible and most of all to Jennifer, my ex-sister-in-law, whom I love very dearly for making me who I am today....THANKS JENN.

I would like to thank the academy and hope for world peace! This is a proud day!!!!

As winners of this prestigious award, we must in turn award it to others. Boy, you sure don't get to hold these trophy's too long do ya? Thought we could put it up on our mantle, alternating every year between Sandi's house and my house. Anyway, here it goes

#1. We are suppose to post the award on our blog. DONE
#2. Add a link to the person who gave it to us. DONE
#3. Nominate fellow bloggers. In progress.....check back
#4. Let them know they won. Ummmmm will have to accomplish as #3 gets completed.

Jennifer hands Sandi the envelope and says "OUR NOMINEES ARE??"

Ree aka The Pioneer Woman Goddess of all blogs
TC "I pee in the wind" at

Thanks again Chris!!!
Sandi and Jennifer

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Jules said...

Why thank you! What a lovely surprise. But you need to warn a girl. I forgot to put on my $42,000 diamonds (if I could only find them that is) and my awards dress is in rags and my red shoes seemed to have run away. Never mind though. I gladly accept this award and will covet it and keep it safe, and pass it along. Give me a bit though. The laundry monster has invaided and the house fairies have gone flittering away. *sigh*