Monday, June 23, 2008

Thunderstorm Winds

I was reading this Meterologists blog today and he posted the following:
I found it hysterical!!!

Winds don't like to be alone.It's true! I mean, occasionally you'll get winds without rain, lightning, tornadoes, etc. However, they're pretty insecure and not usually independent. Kinda clingy. I spoke with a tornado about this once. The look on his face said it all...

But seriously, here are some real facts about straight-line heavy winds...

1. They are the most damaging part of severe thunderstorms.
2. They can exceed 100 mph.
3. One of the worst types of heavy winds is called a downburst/microburst, which is a strong burst of wind downward from a thunderstorm. These can cause damage similar to a tornado (see above...winds are such wannabes).

Some things that you can do to avoid trouble during heavy winds include...
1. Not going outside....duh.
2. Gaining weight.It's harder to move 300 lbs. than it is 130 lbs. Trust me on this. I could go into the physics of it, but it's not pretty.

3. Wear bike helmets.

This will conclude this short lecture series on Surviving Severe Weather. I hope these tips have been helpful to all of you and that you will pass them on to your children for use in the future. Of course, there are all other sorts of severe weather (hail, blizzards, ex-mother-in-laws). Each of those scenarios can be expounded upon for the low price of $19.95. Or a comment, whichever you can least afford!
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