Saturday, March 15, 2008

Boy, times have changed!

Here's a photo of me on one of our 4 sleds waaaay back when. Note the DOT
compliant helmet...isn't that a charmer? Then you have the fashion statement
snowmobile suit and where did I ever leave those leather mittens w/liner?

And today. This is my Blue Knight last month at a vintage
snowmobile event. BK's helmet is "flashy", matches his snowmobile
gear. His jacket and snow pants cost more than the sleds
he's standing behind I'm sure? Look at those vintage sleds...they are polished
spit shined and wax has been applied to them I'm sure. I don't EVER
recall putting a drop of water or wax on our sleds. They are snowmobiles
for cryin' out loud??? Times sure have changed........

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