Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Dude's Bobcat

After stopping at my mailbox (townhouse community boxes) and winding my way back to my place, I see the Bobcat dude's "Bobcat" parked. So here it is. Mr. Bobcat! He must live here? I certainly don't know the answer to that. One of life's many mysteries? I must say, he is prompt with snow removal so he must live here? HEY, Bobcat dude do you live in my community????
And what is up with the sign behind him? It's new! No Dumping Allowed? Aren't we all adults here? Not that I would go and pitch my trash into the holler? Did I say holler? It's the southern thing coming out in me. Lived in the south half my life. Fix'n to try to get back to the Minnie-sota way of talkin'. Can I have a soda please!

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