Thursday, June 4, 2009

Name That Mosquito!

I own a mosquito. Who doesn't in Minnesota? I've had him for over 20 years. Don't mind his missing eyeball. It fell off somewhere along the interstate when I moved back to Minnesota. He's a tad rusty too. Maybe I'll give him a new coat of paint this weekend.
I can't toss him, my brother and sis-in-law bought him for me and I'm kind of attached to the little sucker. He's lived in a lot of places. Even out of the country!

Another thing he's missing besides his eyeball is a name. Should I name him?
Any ideas?

This is where he resides! On the corner of the patio.

Happy Friday Eve!!

- Jennifer


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Oh, I own a mosquito too! The little bastard keeps reproducing and now entire generations of his family reside over at my place.

Skeeter's a cute name for your litta fella.

Mnmom said...

How about Vlad? For Prince Vlad, better known as Count Dracula. That boy looks like he could suck a lot of blood.

I want one!!!!

Mrs. Holly Hall said...

Fucking bastard mosquito

That should be his name. And you should look upon him with disdain, perhaps faux spitting on the dirt by your feet.

I live in the state next too you. I am allowed to be bitter.

fucking bastard mosquitos!

Yet, his evil is part of life. There is no separating him from this life. He will never go away, even if you move out of the country.

so yes, while you curse the-

fucking bastard mosquito,

there is also a quiet appreciation that life is all around us, in all forms.


that was kind of deep.

i think i passed out there for a minute.


Rae said...

I vote for CYCLOPS or CY or Mr. Cy since he is old and deserves a little respect. Poor old thing with just one eye. He's gotta have a name.
Let us know when he gets a proper naming.

Gwen said...


Possum said...

I think Hugh Masekela would suit him just fine!

Two Blessings From Above said...

my vote is with your first comment...
Skeeter! That is cute. I like that mosquito looks good in your garden. You have a beautiful yard!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I think you should name him (are we sure it's a him?) Thomas, or what Mrs. Holly Hall said, Fucking Bastard Mosquito. That's right up there with Thomas. I think I like Mrs. Holly Hall. Did you know that we have a street here in Houston name Holly Hall? Yes, we do! It's close to downtown..... nevermind.........


Dominica said...

LOVE Mr Mosquito TOO ! And I like you giving names to objects !! Me so the same !! :-)) (big smile)

Just Jules said...

I call mine, "owww damn it" every time I slap them! hmmm does that work?