Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Must haves

I'm sure you've purchased a "must have" kitchen item.
Used it once and then they sit on the shelve never to be seen again.
I've done it ..... plenty of times! Here are two that come to mind.

I spent $60.00 frickin dollars for the Magic Bullet. I used it ONCE! Maybe I should sell it on EBay. "1 - Gently Used Magic Bullet"

How about you? Have any of these stashed away in the kitchen cupboard?


- Jennifer


Dr Zibbs said...

You bought the magic bullet?

Please tell me no.

Heff said...

Haaa !!! I've fallen for the "As seen on TV" products a time or two myself.

The ONLY one that I ever used consistantly was called the Snack Master. You know, the double sided griddle that you crush sandwhiches in, and pop them out 3 minutes later as crispy goodness.

I've owned that product since 1993, still use it on occasion, and lovingly refer to it as "The Snack Bastard".

Scrappy Doo said...

No, never bought a kitchen gadget cuz I don't do the cooking thing
Did by some cleaning paste on time didn't work:-)
The "bullet people" look like they are have such a good time with the handy dandy thing.

Susie said...

We had one of those Ronco chicken roaster things. It is gathering dust in our basement right now.

Dominica said...

You could sell the Magic Bullet as a sextoy ; wanna bet it's sold in 20 seconds on ebay ??
Tip : if you don't use it for a year, throw it away !
Plenty of space to buy you new stuff from the tellyshop !

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Hey!! You know what they call a Vegetarian with diarrhea? "Salad Shooter!"

hee hee = stupid 12-year old giggle :)

Two Blessings From Above said...

I too bought the Magic Bullet and used it once! It is so small it takes forever to make anything.