Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Danica Patrick is HOT!

We were blessed to be able to get to the track on Saturday morning just in time for the drivers meeting. We got to stand right in front of all of them. As you can see Danica was really paying attention to the track instructions because she was busy texting. Maybe she was getting the track instructions sent to her phone? I doubt it. She's still beautiful though! Ashley Judd's hubby Dario Franchitti is pretty easy on the eyes as well.

Milka Duno and Sarah Fisher. The "other" chick drivers.

The view from our seats! All of the cars were being pushed out in this photo!

LER and I at the track on Saturday during warm-ups.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

- Jennifer


Cowguy said...

Great pic of you and Larry!

Yes... Danica... lol

Dr Zibbs said...

and you look great.

Heff said...

Danica looks much better with less clothing on.

Two Blessings From Above said...

Great picture of you and LER!
Danica is sure pretty, but she has an attitude that comes across to me as being spoiled. Maybe she has to have that racing against men all the time. Again looks like a REAL fun time.
Happy Wednesday to you too!

Mnmom said...

You are just as cute as Ashley Judd, maybe even cuter.

Mr. Ashley Judd is indeed easy on the eyes. I love those Italians!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Danica. Was Milka Duno even in the race? Also, I sure hope that LER put a hat on the head, he would have been fried! I'm thinking Jennifer takes a hell of a picture her own damn self. Wow!


Candy's daily Dandy said...

Oh Jennifer, I think you got the haedline wrong.

It should read, "Jennifer is HOT!"

Looks like a good time.!