Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can you believe it? Brooke Hogan's new music video

By the time your reading this we are just getting up after arriving at our hotel in Indianapolis at 2AM. The drive is 9 hours for us from Minneapolis to Indy. Any who!!!

This may shock some of you but this new music video belongs to Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke. This song is a keeper in my book. She sounds awesome! I think the reason I like her is she sounds just like Janet Jackson whom I adore! I think we'll be seeing more of Brooke!

Have a great day. We are off to walk around at the Indy speedway and buy all of our collectible clothing and have some beers. Race day is tomorrow!

- Jennifer


Susie said...

You guys really like your wrestlers in Minnesota, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Yeah like Janet and could we please also have a wardrobe malfunction to go along with it?

Heff said...

Brooke Hogan has already been pretty much naked for the public eye. Not really too much more to "see" in my opinion.

Just Jules said...

so cool that you are off to the races

Anonymous said...

I do like Brooke Hogan I just hate that nowadays all of these acts have to have this "Featuring:" thing. Can't anyone ever just carry or sell a tune by themselves anymore?


kimber p said...

just a bunch of naked prettiness to distract from the fact that there's not really much else there...she looks like a 50 year old who's had lots of plastic surgery and lighting to help her look like a 20 year old. that whole family is a hot mess.