Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 Days, 3 Hours, 26 Mins and 22 Sec's

Until the Indianapolis 500!!
Be sure to look for us. We'll wave!

Happy Thursday!
- Jennifer


B.E. Earl said...

Are you going to be on the lawn or in the grandstand?

I ask that like I know anything about the Indy 500. They go around in a circle making left turns, right?

Rae* said...

I'll be there tomorrow - in Indy anyway. My daughter lives near the track. It's loud engine roaring and noise commotion the entire month of May when you step outside her door. I'll be looking for you. I'm sure I'll recognize you. Will you be towing a goat or cow or something?

Susie said...

Yahoo!! Go face fans:-)

Gwen said...

Ooooh! Tickets to the 100th race! Very nice.

Anonymous said...

I've been to THE race 6-7 times my own damn self dating back to '75 or so. Love getting seats in the Tower Terrace. You know, I have launched a small grassroots campaign to replace Jim Nabors for the singing of "Back Home Again In Indiana" when he gets called home to the kingdom. Man, what's the race gonna be like when he finally checks out?

Indy Car is really making a comeback, about time!


Dr Zibbs said...

Please wear TBY T-shirts and make a ruckis so you get on screen.

Rae* said...

Jennifer and Sandi,
Please stop by my blog I have something for you to pick up. RAE

Rae* said...

Jennifer and Sandi,

Just for you I have a new post on my blog dedicated to the Indy 500 and Indianaplis drivers.