Monday, February 16, 2009

White, Whiter, Whitest

I use these things to help whiten my teeth. They work but they aren't the handiest things to use. You peal away the tape kinda of like you would unwrap a band aid. Plaster the strips on the front of your teeth. Try not to swallow the crap as it oozes down your throat while wearing them for 30 minutes. Toss the finished strips out the car window. "Don't worry, the birds will use it for nesting material!"
Does anyone use a whitening toothpaste that works?
I'd like to try a toothpaste instead of the strips.
Have a super Monday!
- Jennifer


Michelle said...

I do not but perhaps I should!

Toothpaste it seems would be easier right???


Susie said...

I don't but I want to know the answer. My teeth are in terrible need!

Michelle said...

Hello there,
I amy still have that red fanny pack if you would like to borrow it. It goes nicely with most outfits!!!!

Let me know!!!! :O)

Michelle said...

Ok its certainly not amy, its may!!!!

Two Blessings From Above said...

I wish I was up on all the best stuff out there. I am a dental Hygienist, but have not worked in a few years. I have a tray and get the bleach from my brother who is a dentist. I have never tried over the counter stuff, but there seems to be a ton of stuff out there these days. I get RDH magazines I will check out the best products in the magazine and try and remember to get back to you on this. Have a good week.

Tabi said...

The crest whitening mouth wash works very well....only use it once a week though or your teeth will start to get a funky look to them! We use it for our oldest daughter because she gets really yellow teeth for some reason even though I am anal about them brushing their teeth!