Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Friend the "Travel Mug"

I don't know about you but my coffee travel mug is my friend. I can't leave home in the morning without it. Ever!! We leave our coffee mugs nicely lined up right next to the coffee maker. It's just easier that way to fill and go.

Some mornings I go to fill my coffee mug and realize I've left it at work. I almost go into panic mode because I want my favorite travel mug that I use everyday. I don't want to go into the cupboard and get down a different one. That's why the "other" travel mugs are sitting in the cupboard because they are not my favorites. They are back ups.

I like the travel mug that is depicted here because the holder in my car doesn't do well with the mugs that have handles on them. They get all tippy and we don't want tippy-spillage in the car now do we? I should throw away the mugs with handles. No, I am not a pack rat!

Is your travel mug your best friend?

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

- Jennifer


Cowguy said...

It ain't my best friend... but we fight over control of "the good one". And oddly enough, one of the dogs chewed the handle up on "the good one" and it still retains it's status.

Philly said...

My beer mug/wine glass is my bestest friend


Anonymous said...

"Have a Wonderful Wednesday!" can't...won't forgot me mug..

Mnmom said...

Not my best friend, no, but we have a very close relationship

Two Blessings From Above said...

I love my travel mug too, but can never seem to find the lid!

Susie said...

I am not tied to my mug but my husband can't go anywhere without a soda. Even to the grocery store and back. When questioned, his response is "I'm not a damned camel":-)

Michelle said...

I have a pretty cool coffee travel mug!!

Is it my bestest friend???