Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Art

Yesterday's post was about my favorite artists.
wanted to know if I had any of my work on my walls.
I do have two oil paintings up.
Here's the painting I have in one of the bathrooms called "The Mexican Door".
I don't have a picture of the other one. I could go take a picture of it but I'm lazy today!
Have a Super Saturday!
- Jennifer


Sass said...

Very cool. My personal favorite is Jack Vettriano.

I'm still hoping to purchase a print of "The Billy Boys," soon.


Jennifer and Sandi said...

I've seen it before and I still think it's gorgeous. Such talent!! GREAT work, woman!

Love Ya!

Two Blessings From Above said...

That is beautiful! You do have a lot of talent. I do admire people that can draw and paint. I still draw stick men when trying to draw.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh wonderful painting. great talent!!.and that other thing hanging ..least you can't say you don't have a pot to piss in..just thinkin

Michelle said...

I love that!!!

Thanks for sharing what is on your wall!!!