Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We're back! Never, I repeat.......never ever go to Disney World during Winter Break, Spring Break or any break for that matter. We were at the park for 9 hours and got on 4 rides. Huge waste of time!!! The kids had more fun swimming in the pool at the condo then standing in lines.

Went to St. Petersburg beach for a day so the kids could see the ocean. Was a beautiful day at the beach. Drove over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. If you've never been to Florida that is an awesome 5 mile bridge to go over. Ocean on both sides of you and I believe it's the worlds longest bridge. Once in my past life, I commuted over this bridge. I finally found a faster way to work and probably was a safer way. I thought about you Sandi while in Tampa. If I was really smart we should have gone into Ybor City and bought tons of Chorizo's. Talked about it several times but never made it to any grocery stores. You see....Sandi was born in Tampa!!!

Stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino that night. I don't claim to be a gambler but I still couldn't resist putting in $5 and walked away with $1.08. Your winnings now come in form of a "ticket" you have to bring up to the counter to redeem. What happened to the loot dropping out of the machine going clang, clang, clang???? I left my winning ticket on the dresser for the maid.

The next morning we went to Busch Gardens in Tampa and that is a fabulous park. My favorite part was seeing the Budweiser Horses. We all got soaked on the Congo River Rapids Ride. Rode the train around the park to see all the wild animals. My favorite too see up close were the giraffe's!!

Saturday we spent at Universal Studios. Had a blast there. The Jaw's ride was fun. Jimmy Neutron, Terminator and Shrek were great also. The 4D is very cool. Water actually shoots on your face and spiders climb up your legs. We give Universal a 5 star rating!

Was nice to come home to the -1 degrees? Thanks mother nature for blessing us with such diverse seasons?


- Jennifer


Mama Dawg said...

Glad you had fun, but it sucks that Disney was not so much fun. I would have recommended that you not go then.

K and/or K said...

That bridge is a beautiful work of art!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Best time for Disney - the couple weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Michelle said...

Lovely photos!!

Missed ya girlie sorry about Disney!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Cowguy said...

Glad to see you're back and that you had some fun. Snandi missed you so much she emailed me 5 times a day while you were gone.

Thanks for the ears!


Susie said...

What a great vacation minus the bogus Disney experience.

Janie said...

Who knew that time would be a bad time to go?

I was hoping y'all were riding all the rides multiple times!

Two Blessings From Above said...

That is the area we lived in for 12years. I have been over that bridge several times. I am not a fan of Disney, thank God my kids don't like it either. They love the Universal Parks though. To bad you did not make it over to Ybor City, that place is a riot.
Welcome back.

Gwen said...

Welcome back! We missed you!