Monday, January 19, 2009

Meet a Bratz... My name is "Cloe"

I posted awhile back about Bratz dolls vs Barbie. I love Barbie (who doesn't) and I actually like the Bratz Doll Line. I bought a Bratz doll yesterday for my boyfriends daughter. Here is "Cloe". She's pretty cute. As I took her out of the package I noticed her entire back side is exposed. However, she is wearing underwear and a camisole. I also bought a "Wedding Barbie" on Saturday and once again she didn't have any underwear on. I still don't get that. "Cloe" came with 3 interchangeable outfits. 1 dress, skirt and top, pair of jeans and a top.

There was a lawsuit against the creator of Bratz dolls because Bratz are owned by Mattel and he was making them outside of the company, so they sued them then went as far as making it so they aren't allowed to be made anymore. They are now going to be discontinued as of February 11th.

Hey who knows, maybe "Cloe" will be a collectors item once they come off the shelves permanently. Just like those collectable McDonalds "Beanie Babies. You know the ones. Mine.... I kept in a box and moved them all over the world and never looked at them once. Currently, EBay is selling the whole set for a whopping $ 0.99 - $14.95. I think "Cloe" is destine to be played with until she breaks.

Happy a Wonderful Monday!
- Jennifer


Candy's daily Dandy said...

heehee..Cloe is really cute! I was never into Bratz-I'm too old-and my daughter never liked dolls-not even Barbies!!!! I am surprised to learn that the Bratz line is being discontinued. I though it was soooo popular!!!

I loved Barbie! I have two older sisters so I got all their Barbie hand me downs and I loved them, but never kept them in favor of my newer Barbie stuff. Well, imagine my dismay, when a couple of years ago, I went to a doll museum's Barbie retrospective and recognized almost all of my sister's discarded "hand-me-downs" as major pieces in the Barbie collection thru the deccades.
I think I left there and went home and threw up.

Cowguy said...

I'll be... we both worked "Barbie" into our blogs today.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm looky likem "Cloe" havem joint problems later in life..I hope the open back dresses catch on..

Michelle said...

Hi Cloe nice to meet you!!!

Now go make nice to Barbie!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Anonymous said...

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Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

I'm not a fan of the bratz dolls. Now, that they come with undies is more desireable than Barbie who comes nudie all under.

Here's something: Bratz dolls have cankles!!! LOL

Susie said... oldest is too old and my youngest is too young for dolls right now so I completely missed the whole Bratz thing.