Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting rich off the "Tooth Fairy"

What do you think the going rate for a tooth is?
My girlfriend's boy just had the "Tooth Fairy" visit and left him a Ten Dollar Bill.
What the...........
I think I use to get .25.
Times sure have changed!!
Happy Monday!
- Jennifer


Mama Dawg said...

My mom decided to tell my daughter that for her first tooth, she'd probably get $1. For the second tooth, she'd probably get $2. For the third tooth, she'd probably get $3.

See a pattern emerging? Yeah, I told my mom she sucks.

giraffegirl524 said...

i remember when i was losing my teeth, i felt lucky if i got $1! but then, a few years ago, my cousin lost a tooth and got a $5. i agree with you... WTF! that is crazy! but of course, when i was younger, even tho it wasn't that long ago, i could take $1 and get something from the store. can't do that now!

Michelle said...

I think $5 is pretty cool for a big front tooth!!!

The back teeth perhaps $3???

I have no clue really!!!

Happy Monday girlie!

Heff said...

A tooth is worth One Dollar, AND NO MORE.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Oh yeah, times have changed...The going rate really is whatever denomination of bill is in my wallet. If it's a ten? then so be it..

Susie said...

I think 10 is a little much. Maybe 1. That would be 4 times what I got.

Anonymous said...

I accidentally slept with my uppers under my pillow and earned enough for a cruise

Cowguy said...

10 bucks????? Just call me Gummy.

Anonymous ^ LOL