Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Snowmobile Double Backflip

Lands the world's FIRST double backflip on a snowmobile Sunday at the XGames.

Who is Levi LaVallee you ask?

Levi LaVallee is the biggest thing to come out of Minnesota since anyone can remember. Not that he’s big physically: at 5’6”, he’s nowhere near the size of the Paul Bunyan statues that dot his state. It was bound to happen: LaVallee was named the World Snowmobiling Association’s Pro Rising Star in his rookie season, 2002/03. Although his wide-open style can get him into trouble – as when he missed the 2004/05 season after blowing his ACL – it also makes him one of the most exciting athletes in action sports today.

“I come from a small town,” LaVallee says, describing Minnesota’s Longville. “The population is only about 180.” Born in 1982, LaVallee seemed to be in motion almost from day one. He first got to drive a sled at age 7, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Watch the video below to see the first ever double back flip!!!
The flip is at 1.31 sec. so you don't have to watch the entire 5 minute clip!

The cool part of this post is I know met him.
Hey he added me (along with 800 other people) on Facebook so I guess we're friends??
My boyfriends, mothers, brothers, cousins, neighbors aunt .... kidding
Try to follow along.. My boyfriend works with Levi's uncle. I met Levi last year when he raced at Canterbury Park. We got to sit with Levi's mom, dad and the rest of the family so that was really awesome. I never heard of snocross until that day and now I'm hooked! These guys are something else to watch.

That's all I've got today!

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Happy Thursday!
- Jennifer


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Ahhh yes... Minnesota - the land of Hockey players and Professional Snowmobiling!

Two Blessings From Above said...

I have never seen anything like that. I will have to show my boys that is so neat! They love XGames.

Michelle said...


Very COOL!!!!

Love that kind of stuff!!!


Susie said...

That is so crazy!

Anonymous said...

watching that landing ....that man will never father children