Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not So Typical Commute

This morning I wake up at my normal time and half way through getting ready I hear on T.V. the traffic gal say there is a Semi roll over on the Interstate.

I don't take the interstate unless I HAVE TOO so I say, "no biggy". Then I hear her telling everyone to STAY OFF the Interstate and take County Rd XX. WHAT????? I take County Rd XX. It's not really XX just using that as an example here. So....... I get on the road and yep, everyone and their dogs , tractor trailers, cement trucks, etc.... is on my road that I take to work.

I own this country road. No one is allowed on it. It's a country road and I travel it stress free each work day (Exception: always on high alert during deer season) but not today. It was the road from HELL.

I was 1 hour and 20 minutes LATE to work today. Normally takes me 30 minutes.

Back to the roll over. It was a tractor trailer carrying "Pigs". Pigs all over the place. They had to gather all the pigs and load them on a new trailer, upright the semi and clear the accident so it took awhile to open the road. Poor little pigs :(

Off to have a super day

Happy Thursday
- Jennifer


Cowguy said...

Spilled pigs have ruined my day more than once... I tell you what! I was hoping for a closeup of pink pigs running willy nilly and guys chasing 'em down. I'm just slightly dissapointed.

Here's to a more commutable commuting commute.



LYDIA said...

Those poor little piggies.

giraffegirl524 said...

first, i was concerned. then i saw the word pigs and read on a little farther and it just struck me as really funny! i hope none of the little guys were hurt.. and it really sucks that you were late..

i hope your day gets better!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I had a simliar experience with a truck full of Turkeys....

K and/or K said...

Thank you--because now I know why everyone was talking about pigs at work this morning! Poor piggies, they thought they were going to escape!

Michelle J said...

Sorry girlie that you were all late!!!

I know not of piggies on the interstate!!! Just oil spills and crazy people and food stuff!!!

Hey i live in NY!!!

Have a great night!!!

Two Blessings From Above said...

I saw that on the news. That stinks that you were late for work, but I guess being late over pigs is better then being late because of a blizzard.

Susie said...