Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I AM IN CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer took off for Florida and left me in charge. I have the POWAH!!!!!!! While she's gone I'm gonna jump on the bed and have parties every night. I'm gonna drink all the booze and refill the bottles with water and I'm gonna snoop through all the drawers........oh wait.......I already know what's in the drawers.......after all, they're my drawers............silly me.

Did everyone have a wonderful Christmas? Whew......I'm just glad it's over. We had all the kids over Christmas Eve (all 47 of em'...........j/k........) and I was lucky enough to get to fix this huge meal for them all and then clean up after them, and then my husbands sister and her husband and their daughter and their daughter's husband and their momma were at the front door at 8 am for breakfast. It was really nice and then I sat in my recliner and hardly moved for 3 days. Seems like every time I sat down I fell asleep. Santa brought me a cell phone which I wanted very bad. Guess he thought I had been pretty good...........hahahaha hohohohoho.hahhaha.... What did Santa bring you guys? I need know.............

I was wondering if Santa brought Jace some new band-aids and maybe a new cow or two or even maybe a new flat bed trailer. What'd ya get Jace?

Today is NEW YEARS EVE. Where does the time go and why does it go by so fast? I WISH YOU ALL A SAFE AND HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!!

It's fun to be in charge!!!

Blessings for the New Year to you All!!!!


Two Blessings From Above said...

What a great post! Left me laughing!!
Be sure and tell Jennifer she will be missing all the wonderful snow we are going to get on New Years Day!

Cowguy said...


Santy claws brung me a Tom Tom gps cause I can get lost in the closet... and a new chainsaw. I guess I'll be able to find my way to the ER when the chainsaw thing goes all wrong.


Congrats on new phone.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Cowguy got a GPS! That's cool! I could have used one of those when I was a firefighter...we'd be off to a fire on Maple St. and I'm like........WTF IS MAPLE STREET????

My hubby got a 16" Echo. He's already cut down a tree in the backyard and wanted to know if our neighbors would let him cut down their tree's......... 8-(