Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Going Home to the Freezer

Speaking of Deer!!!! Larry and I were driving down to Gaylord, MN Saturday and got behind this hunter. If you look closely you can see their kill laying/sitting in the back of his truck! Cool huh! You can even see his ear tag on his right ear. It's ironic that yesterday Sandi mentioned their kill over the weekend. It apparently was a super weekend for deer hunting!!

Happy Tuesday!
- Jennifer


Cowguy said...

lol great pic.


That load of 15 head is not quite half of this seasons kill here. That's my son's truck. The deer population is out of control here and the Conservation dept. is encouraging thinning. All these and the rest (I think the total was 34 or 36 head of deer) went to Shiloh Children's Ranch here. A much underfunded and much needed organization. This'll be a good portion of all of the meat that they'll have for the coming year.


If the pic doesn't show up from the link, drop me an email.


Gwen said...

"Peek-a-boo! I (can't really) see you (because I'm dead)!"

Michelle J said...

Ok, GROSS!!!


Have a great Tuesday!!!

Trooper Thorn said...

That was awfully nice of them to give that deer a lift to the bus station.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I don't think kids can finish that rhyme anymore when '1,2 buckle my shoe' has been replaced with 'slip on my oversized skater sneaker that I never untie'.

Philly said...

Looks like he is enjoying the ride


King of New York Hacks said...

Reminds me of the movie Tommy boy.....that deer aint dead !!

Some Guy said...

The guy I work with got one opening day. Hopefully he'll share some venison jerky with me.

Susie said...

We see this everywhere in Wiscosin during deer hunting. On an 8 hour trip, we counted 400 on the interstate!!

Mama Dawg said...

He looks like he's peeping over the top at you. I feel like waving!