Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bratz vs Barbie Dolls

Have you heard about the battle between Bratz Dolls vs the Barbie Dolls.

  • Bratz dolls will leave the market at the end of the year, to tweens' dismay
  • Mattel sued Bratz, claiming Bratz dolls' creator came up with concept while at Mattel
  • Mattel sued Bratz manufacturer MGA Entertainment Inc., and last week a federal judge ordered MGA to cease making the dolls immediately and to stop selling them after the holiday shopping season ends.
  • Some parents prefer Barbies to Bratz because of Barbies' more wholesome image
  • Others feel Barbies present an unhealthy, unrealistic image
Quotes from some Customers:
"I like Bratz better. They have more fancy clothes, and they look more cool," Sierra said.

Cassell acknowledged that Barbie bodies "are a little unrealistic."

Theresa Hawkesworth of South Africa believes Bratz dolls rather than Barbies are a more positive influence for her 12-year-old daughter, Emma. "Because their faces and their makeup are so extreme it's almost impossible that a young girl could look like that," Hawkesworth said. "Whereas with Barbie dolls, the young girls think that they need that beautiful hair and that beautiful body, and when they don't look like a Barbie they have that poor self-image."

So here are some pictures of the Bratz dolls. Don't get me wrong, I love Barbie. Had them when I was little and buy them today for the little ones in my family. I personally don't see anything wrong with the Bratz dolls. Have you ever been to a Junior High School lately? The tweens dress just like this.

Again, they look like normal tweens to me.

Look, Bratz dolls in formals

Now let's look at some of the new "wholesome" image Barbie Dolls. What's with the Daggers? Look out Ken. Every child should wear those leather thigh bands too. Great Image!

Here we have "Diamond Barbie" Belly dancing? Yeah, I know tons of little girls that belly dance. Don't you? Couldn't they put a smaller bikini top on this Barbie? Pull up the top there missy! Oh wait you can't, isn't much there to adjust! This Barbie must weigh like 80 pounds. Nice abs! Wholesome!

Here's another Bikini Barbie. Nice Hair with the "colored weave" in her hair. Trashy? At least she has bottoms on. I bought a Barbie the other day and she didn't have any underwear. With the price we pay for Barbie, shouldn't they be able to afford to put underwear on them?

Beach Fun Barbie. Look mom, can I get a tattoo just like my Barbie Doll? Note the short-shorts.

What do you think? Do you think they should take the Bratz Dolls off the shelves??
Happy Hump Day!
- Jennifer


Dr Zibbs said...

I agree with the law suit though.

Mama Dawg said...

I do, but then again, I think they're horrible looking.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I can't STAND Bratz... and I don't WANT my girls to look the way tweens do these days. I don't want them to have lips the size of angelina jollies and eye shadow to their hairline and their belly's showing and skits that JUST cover their tooshies... little girls are too much in a hurry to grow up as it is...

Barbie... well, most of those pictures are Barbies that someone has taken and made up, not officially licensed Barbie dolls. And i guess part of it is I grew up on Barbie... so I can deal with her better than the Bratz. Plus, it's just the name - Bratz... I don't WANT my girls to be Brats...

B.E. Earl said...

That first Barbie is dressed like Electra from Marvel Comic's Daredevil series. And a piss-poor movie starring Jennifer Garner. Yikes.

Michelle J said...

What is this world coming too with these Bratz dolls? I've never even heard of them until just now!!!

Tweens must love em huh??

Well since i'm no longer a tween i guess what do i know really????

Have a great hump day!!!

Indiana Angel said...

Ugh, I really dislike Bratz. A LOT. For the same reasons Lizzy mentioned. But, I also am not a lover of Barbie. I was never a Barbie girl. I was a tomboy and Barbie just didn't fit into my world. The knock off Barbie's I had always ended up with me ripping their legs and or arms off and my dad trying to epoxy them back on at my mom's request. She tried so hard to make me a girly girl and she so failed LOL Now, my DD who is 5 does have Barbie's, none that I've personally purchased and I remind her every time she wants me to dress them that I don't particularly like them. Most of the clothes for Barbie even are just, well, ick I guess is the word I'm looking for. Her boobs don't fit in them, they won't button or fasten in the back because her boobs are too big, they are see through - and these are clothes that were bought in packages by others for her as gifts, nothing we've fanagled.

I'd much rather my DD play with just a normal, ordinary baby doll than these things. But if I must be cursed with one or the other, I'll pick Barbie and keep Bratz far, far away from my house.

King of New York Hacks said...

Bratz...Barbies...All I know is that you can still buy an inflatable sex doll,....i mean thats what I HEARD. LOL, I think we should concentrate more on what adults have access to and proper parenting skills han to worry about dolls. Pfft..thats my 2 pennies worth.

Cowguy said...

The Bratz look like cheap hookers, the Barbies like expensive hookers. Neither one of my daughters played with either, neither one of 'em grew up to be hookers. Go figure.


Janie said...

I was an abused child. I never got a Barbie.


I'm lying.

Trooper Thorn said...

Toy manufacturers should drop the pretnese and just present their dolls like the coked-out, porn-acting teen hookers they really are.

LYDIA said...

I hate Bratz!

Susancnw said...

I dislike the Bratz dolls too. I was never a Barbie fan, but my youngest does play with them sometimes. There is no way that I'd let my daughters dress like the Bratz dolls do...prostitot is just not for my girls. They dress modestly, youngest loves dresses, the older one loves jeans. Tummies covered or they go change shirts.

Anonymous said...

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