Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Buenos Dias!!

Well, well, well....Sandi and I have received yet another award. Trooper Thorn over at Dogs and Jeans did it. You can all blame him. None of us understand what the award says because it appears to be in Portuguese?

Like TT says, it sure is a pretty award!! If I recall my Spanish, it says something like.....
"This Blog Invested and Accredited and Closeness" As you can see, none of that makes sense but that's my interpretation of the verbiage and we'll accept the award!! Thanks TT.

We are going to pass this beautiful award onto the following! It's because we like them and sparing the rest of you! You can thank us later!!


Mama Dawg



Dr. Zibbs


- Jennifer


Dr Zibbs said...

Thank you. Please give it to a hobo.

Mama Dawg said...

Awwww...thanks! You guys are da bomb!

Susie said...

Congratulations on your award!!

Cowguy said...

Thank you!

I cannot believe my good fortune. Seriously... it's been literally a few days since I've won one. I was almost to think that I'd passed on and hadn't realized it because it had been such a loooong dry spell of awardlessness.

To show my appreciation, I've signed the both of you up as charter members in the cheese ball of the month club. Please expect your first bally cheesey goodness to hit your mailboxes just before Christmas.

I know, I know... you don't need to thank me.


King of New York Hacks said...

wow...euro awards now...i like it

Sass said...

I think it actually says that this award is to be passed on to the blogger with the most fabulous ta-ta's.

Zibbsy, let's have a look. ;)

Anonymous said...

Translated it's a free certificate for a rectal exam.

Sass said...

I just spit my coffee out when I read "bally cheesey goodness."

Cowguy...I'm stalking you soon.

Sorry. ;)

Cowguy said...

'S okay Sass... I'm used to it and it's all good. First it's the nihilists and now you. I can't wait til the midgets and clowns take up the chase.

Stalk on.

giraffegirl524 said...

i just saw this blog.. i asked my boyfriend (who speaks spanish) and he said it means something to invest...? kinda confusing, but i just thought i'd give a comment =]