Monday, September 8, 2008

A Face Only A Mother Could Love!

Larry and I took a drive an hour east to a quaint little town called Taylors Falls. It overlooks the St. Croix River. We found this very old bar off main street and pulled up a chair to have a beer. We got caught up watching the entire NASCAR race, the INDY race and 2 football games I thought we had moved in. The bartender was super, food was good and the music outstanding. When we arrive there were 5 guys sitting at a table obviously already comsumed their share of beverages by Noon. I was asked if I would watch their puppy aka "PIT BULL" while they all went out to have a smoke.
Being the animal lover that I am, I said "SURE"! My babysitting technique consisted of standing up off the bar chair, slip the pup's lead onto one leg of the chair, sit my butt back down on the said bar chair and ...wah-la...task complete!!

I am NOT a fan of pit bulls but this guy was VERY friendly and look at that face!! It's hysterical!! It looks like his mascara smudged and he has a black button on the top of his head that I pushed on all day. Yes, all day.... I watched the pup for about 3 hours while his owner consumed much more liquor than he should have. I finally had to hand over the pup when we wanted to leave!

A thank-you would have been nice. But I actually preferred the pup's owner didn't talk to me at all. You know the type....drunk and usually not good with conversations after 402 cocktails.

I enjoyed watching the pup. Made the whole day trip just that more memorable!

- Jennifer


philly said...

That jerk off could of bought you a beer !!


Susie said...

I agree with philly. I can't believe you didn't get a drink out of the deal!

And, you are welcome for the sweet tooth:-)

Dr Zibbs said...

They are some cool markings on that pooch.

Rhea said...

What bar was this that allowed animals? I mean, besides the usually animals (Drunken men).

What a cutie though. It does look like he has smudged mascara. Awwww!

And sheesh, he could have at least bought you a beer or something.

Cowguy said...

What the others said... plus he should have given you a car, next weeks grocery money and picked up the tab for any odd moles removed at the dermatologist.

But then it's early and I'm probably talking out of my head.