Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do not Despair!

Look Sandi, I found the missing goats!! They were up here at the MN State Fair being shown! At least I believe these are our missing goats. Safe and sound!

Filling their bellies with some nice alfalfa!

Or maybe it's these guys over here under their hoods?? Why are they hiding? Hmmm.. The MN State Fair is over so they should be on their way back home.

As you all know I attended the MN State Fair. Larry and I tried all the food, drank all of their beer and tried the "Pig Lickers". The chocolate covered bacon. The consensus was "YUCK". We tried two pieces and gave the rest to people entering the building. Just as we entered the building other people were giving theirs away. It was cold bacon. I don't know what we were thinking that you could have chocolate stick to hot bacon. Another bad recommendation by our MN food critics.

Then we went to the Midway. Our qwest was to win as many LARGE stuffed animals as we could because both Larry and I were master champions at "Shoot water in the clowns mouth" and pop the balloon first. Larry finally won a round against all of the kidlets and walked away with our 1 - $40.00 small guitar. Crap!

At the end of the Midway was the old "Freak Show". Remember as a kid they always had the midgets, 2 headed princess, the woman that turns into an ape and the midget that walks on swords. To attract you into the show there was a real sword swallower. She was pretty cool actually.

Wetting the sword?

Oh my!!!

It's in!!


She allowed a fellow in the crowd to REMOVE the sword!!

The midget walks on swords. Jennifer rolls her eyes!

The two headed princess. Note the (2) girls wearing (1) dress. UGH!

Jennifer rolls her eyes again!!

I leave you with this poor guy who fell asleep in his pail.
It's exactly how Larry and I felt at the end of the day. Full, tired and wanted to go home and sleep!!

Have a super day!
- Jennifer


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh... thank you for that!! I miss the fair so much! Kudos for trying the bacon/chocolate thing... really... they're taking this stuff a little too far.

Mama Dawg said...

There are truly days when I feel like that pic in the last pic.

Philly said...

bacon and choc? Well I'll take your word that it sucked.


Insane Mama said...

You had me at midgets on swords

TentCamper said...

looks like quite the good time. Great photos. I love fairs...never get to go to them though.

Thanks for commenting on my blog today.