Monday, August 4, 2008

Here We Go Again!!!!

Tropical Storm Edouard (how the hell do you pronounce a word with WAYYYYY to many vowels) is due to arrive tomorrow morning or mid-morning or mid-afternoon or sometime tomorrow (who cares.......I just know I don't have to go to work tomorrow).......Hopefully by the time he gets here his trip through Houston will have knocked some of the wind out of his sail. Edouard.........who would name their child Edouard? And it's spelled wrong. It should be Edward. If it's gonna be Edouard, then it really should be Edouard-O. At last check he was moving WNW at 7 mph and winds were at 45 knots and the barometric pressure had dropped a little (YIKES!!!! NO DROPPING YOUR BAROMETRIC PRESSURE BUDDY!!!!)

I wanted to share a really goose-bump kinda experience I had yesterday. I have a hummingbird feeder outside my back door. I had walked outside to give our granddaughter some lemonade and just after I called her name........ZZZZIIIPPPPPP........the hummingbird (a little girl) arrived at the feeder. Now you have to understand I'm so deaf I wear not one, but two, hearing aides and this little bird sounded like a Pratt & Whitney engine. I'm standing there like a dork trying not to move when it occurred to me that I was holding a red plastic cup full of lemonade. I slowly raised the cup to where she could see it and................... ZZZIIIIPPP.........SHE LANDED ON THE DAMN CUP!!! Now I ask you.........HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!! She was 2 feet from my face just sitting on the cup drinking the lemonade. She was an ugly teensy weensy grungy grey thing! Looked like she was having a bad feather day. Female BIRDS (notice the emphasis on BIRDS) are kinda plain. Her mate, boyfriend, or significant other who hangs around has a red ring around his throat. Not a red ring as in a REAL ring.......a ring of red feathers. And she ALWAYS RUNS HIS ASS OFF!!!! hahahah hahahahaaaaaaaaahahahaha.................well I thought it was funny!

So tomorrow we just might have some excitement in the form of weather (my MIL says *weatha* like she's a southern belle). She pronouces Galveston as *gowaston*........What's up with that anyway? My boss pronounces October as *Optober* and this is from a college educated man. Sheesh........

I'm gonna go charge up my camera now.................



Cowguy said...

Hey, my son is down there in Houston right now welding at a refinery shutdown (the one that the crane fell a couple weeks ago) (no he didn't do it). He called this morning bored out of his gourd watchin it rain and on a shutdown of the shutdown waiting for big wind and smirglaly weather.

Concerning pronunciations... up here in Missouri it can go either way, Missoureeee or Missourah. I'm an "ah" man. Warr = Wire. Farr = Fire... etc and so on and so forth.

Watch for the birds!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

WOW!!!! I'm so glad your son is okay and wasn't hurt! We have the market cornered on cranes, I swear! Every freeway that runs through Houston has no less than 47 cranes on it. Apparently it has become very chic for a city to sport cranes everywhere.

I understand Warr and Farr perfectly well, but OPTOBER? I used to be a Farr Fighter!!

Love you music!