Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What The..............?

Houston........we have cloudage (is that a word?). The outer edge of Sista Dolly is beginning to enter the Houston area. It's a little breezy here also. So today will likely be a rainy, windy kinda day. I'm hoping to get some pictures of "rain bands" and I'll post them later if I can get them. A hurricane warning extends from Corpus Christi south to Brownsville and tropical storm warnings are in effect for Corpus Christi, north, up to Dallas (this includes MEEEEEEEEE). there a relationship here? Jennifer is my ex-sister-in-law.....that's a relationship isn't it?

Jennifer (Minnesota) is getting tornadoes and I'm (Texas) getting hurricanes. Of course there's a relationship!!!! We have a *connection*. To me, a tornado is a skinny, compact hurricane and hurricane is a fatter version. I'm sure Weather Moose will tell you that a tornado and straight line winds are hard to differentiate.......debris may be the key there.

I know ALL about weather cause I had to take a weather course in my ground school class so I could learn to fly. That reminds me..........I need to launder my cape this's a little dusty.

Everyone go over to Weather Moose's blog and take his weather quiz. It ROCKS!!!!


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