Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sistah Dolly

Sistah Dolly is now lumbering off to West Texas. She got up to a Cat 2 storm with winds of 100 mph. Now we all know that hurricane's are not to be taken lightly, no matter what category they are. Then for the love of God, will someone please explain to me why there is always a news reporter standing in the middle of the street broadcasting the weather conditions in 100 mph winds and a driving rain that's blowing sideways? This morning our local ABC station sent the tallest, skinniest reporter they had to Corpus Christi. So, right off, this guy is vertically challenged. I guess maybe they do this for their amusement back at the station. They put the guy in a yellow slicker, dump him in the middle of a hurricane, in the middle of the street in 100 mph winds and rain blowing sideways and you suddently have a yellow slicker doing the bunny hop trying to stay in one place. One time he got hit by a gust of wind and I thought for sure it was all over.

Anyhoooo..............we needed rain and by golly............we got some rain. Here's some pictures I took from the hospital throughout the day.

This was taken from the penthouse suite at the hospital in Katy, Texas, just west of Houston. I apologize for the blinds, but they were installed in between 2 panes of glass. All I could do was open then and close them. You can see some of the *rain bands*

Ya'll have a good day!

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