Monday, March 3, 2008

Severe Storm "Passed" Through MN Sept 16, 2006

Silly silly Sandi. Now THIS is a severe storm. An F2 tornado that hit my neighborhood
9-16-06. I am in no way diminishing the devastating destruction you experienced today, nor
your fear and worries. This tornado hit my place. Blew out my master bedroom window,
ripped siding, roofing & vents off and demolished most of the houses across the street from me
and then continued down the road half a mile and got my boss's house. My boss's wife and I can laugh about it today after reading your post. Another one of life's experiences.

This is my boss's house that got hit. Their main garage is no where to be found!

This WAS their other garage on the side of their property.
My boss lost many many classic cars.
The entire building was taken off the foundation. You can see
where the SKID STEER (I have no idea who the manufacturer
of that model is or who's it is) sits and that's where the garage started!
Minnesota sure does have a lot of skid steers! Maybe I need to
buy one? Keep up with the "Jone's"? Maybe I can plug in next to
Bob Cat dude? Hmmm, what would I use it for? Do I know how to
operate one? Why yes I do! Bill, my girlfriend's husband taught me
while clearing trees from their property after this storm! OH DUH!!!! That
must be Deb and Bill's skid steer seeing as they live right next door to my boss ?
I will have to look into this skid steer owning phenomenon!!!

The cars being towed out from under the fallen garage.

S & J's house & garage have been re-built. Let's pray for a quiet tornado season!!


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