Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am so non-observant

Reader's Digest version on how this all came about. Judie comes into the office today
thinking her daughter has lost her mind. Her daughter told her last night, did you know there is
an indicator on a car that tells you "WHICH SIDE" of the car the "gas tank is on"? Judie not meaning
ANY harm to her daughter laughs at her, nodding her head, thinking okay honey whatever
you say. Dismisses the whole event and continues on with her life that evening.

Judie climbs in her own car this morning and there it is, like writing on the wall.

Judie arrives @ work and informs me of such newly found information of which I crave!!!
She tells me the whole story and my mind is turning thinking back to all the vehicles I've
owned and I've owned a lot of em' & the current one that I drive and I've NEVER noticed
such handy information?? So, I immediately go out to my own vehicle and *gasp* there it
is.....the words & symbol imprinted so eloquently on the gauge from Ford,
I almost passed out.

Not that I needed to know which side of my car had the gas tank filler-upper thingy
is after owning said vehicle for over 4 years, it's just I NEVER NOTICED
THE WORDS IMPRINTED ON THERE!!! Do you realize I've looked at that gas gauge
a minimum of 4 years x 365 days = 1460 times. That's once a day glancing at the
damn thing. Let's go twice a day 2,920 times and I'm a SLOW driver so I'm sure I've glanced
down several other times during a drive. I NEVER noticed such a thing?? UGH!!

Well, going forward in life I will be seeking out said gauge on every car I get into. Handy
information for when you borrow a friend's car, rent a car, or even steal a car to know which
side of the car you should pull up at the pump?? That last one about stealing the car..I'm
kidding. I don't steal EVER!! Okay, maybe permanently borrowed a paper clip.

Anyway, I kinda feel like an idiot never noticing !!! See a picture of my gauge below!

Looks to me by that gauge I need to get fuel in the morning.

Jennifer watches everyone reading this going out to their car to see if they have such an indicator :)

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